Copy Trades in Crypto & Forex

  • Open Account With Forex Broker or Crypto Exchange
  • Load your Account with the recommended amount
  • Open a Copytrading account with our FX & Cryto Portal
  • Connect Broker or Exchange Account and follow traders
  • Your account is now on Auto-Pilot mode. Enjoy Life!

Enjoy our Robotic Technology in Action

Just connect your account and let the trading be done by the Advance Algorithms designed to trade under any market condition. We specialize in Boom & Crash, Synthetic Indices, Forex and Crypto Trading AI Technology. We develop them for your consumption.

Copy Pro-Traders!

We don’t mind anyone copying trades since thats what we do best. Just connect and go on with your ordinary staff. But don’t forget to also learn how the Pro-Traders do it by watching profitable trades in your account

Start Copytrading!

When it comes to trading, you don’t need to be a pro since the era of Copytrading is already here. Let Professionals do their work as you learn

  • Open An Account
  • Connect Account
  • Trading is Automated
  • Grow your Account